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Multimodal transport

A transport method exactly tuned to your needs and requirements. Koolwijk offers intermodal shipments. This means we’ll have your shipment..



Just outside of the Port of Rotterdam, Koolwijk owns two state of the art warehouses. Here, the storage and handling of your goods, from labeling to order…


Dealing with customs

Koolwijk is often asked to fiscally represent its customers. We deliver goods to the entire European Union from our warehouse, as we ourselves have...


Value added logistics

Logistics does not only revolve around saving money. It’s also about adding value for every customer. As a multi-facetted transport company, we...


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You are looking for a sizeable expert in logistics. Preferably a reliable chain partner with European coverage that understands your objective of reducing costs and risks.

Add to that wish list, a transport director that knows its way with the primary modalities (road, rail and water) and is environmentally conscious and that combines these aspects to deliver on a lower environmental impact, more flexibility and a shorter turnaround.

Meet Koolwijk’s integrated and unburdening logistics services today. The experts working at our family company seamlessly match supply and demand. That’s how we reduce costs, while guaranteeing the safety and sustainability aspects of every single shipment.

All about our logistics services

Act as promised.
That’s how we’ve worked at Koolwijk for three generations.

And it’s the only way for a local company that once transported milk cans to become a sizeable international logistics provider. With a fleet of 75 container trucks and warehouses offering 30,000 square meters of storage and handling space.


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