Multimodal transport

By road, water, rail or a combination.

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Efficient, cost-effective storage and handling.

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Years of experience in the customs field.

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Value added logistics

Customs warehousing, cross-docking and order picking.

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Get to know Koolwijk's logistics services

Are you looking for a solid and flexible logistics partner?

A supply chain partner with European coverage and options to ship via road, rail and water? And, on top of that, a partner who values sustainability and safety while operating cost-effectively? If so, then Koolwijk is the ideal choice for you. We are a trusted logistics service provider based in Bergambacht, the Netherlands. Our team of over 120 employees are at your service day in and day out. Or they are already on the go, transporting your goods.

Koolwijk has more than 75 container trucks and 20,000 square metres of storage space in Bergambacht. We transport containers to and from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. We offer both delivery and pickup service for our customers' cargo. And combine this with storage facilities and additional logistics services. We also frequently use inland terminals in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

Rich history

Shipping container transport

Transporting all types and sizes of shipping containers with our own vehicle fleet, which meets the latest environmental standards.

Multimodal transport

Transport by road, water, rail or a combination of methods. Professional, punctual and cost-effective.


Storage and handling of your goods, from labelling to order picking. Efficient, effective and affordable inventory management.


Koolwijk is an AEO-certified fiscal representative. Our services include customs clearance, control, storage and more.


AEO certified

Reliable partner in the
(international) logistics chain.


SGS GDP certified

Koolwijk is certified for the distribution of medicines.


ISO 9001

Our processes comply with international standards.

Deliver what you promise. That's been our motto at Koolwijk for four generations.

And it's that philosophy that has led our company from being a local milk churn transporter to an international carrier. Today, we operate a fleet of 75 container trucks and 20,000 square metres of warehouse space.

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