About Koolwijk

Optimal work processes. A tight-knit team of employees. Accessible and close to customers. And committed to always delivering on our promises. That's the the strength of Koolwijk, a family-owned business. We are a no-nonsense company with years of expertise and a can-do mentality. We are pleased to offer you the logistics solution best suited for you. 365 days a year.

Our main office is located in Bergambacht. After several expansions, we have a 20,000-square-foot warehouse, a garage and a washing site. Koolwijk's scale and complete services keep our turnaround times short and flexible.

From milk churns to shipping containers.

Our company is rock solid and has a rich history.

Effective and flexible

With the inland transhipment terminal.

We can unload over a hundred containers per day. We also continuously invest in an extensive network of international and regional partners. This combination allows us to optimise planning processes and bundle flows of goods. The scale at which we do that makes Koolwijk very effective and flexible.

Koolwijk has over 100 years of experience in the transport business. We are a committed and friendly family business

Orchestrating all modes of transport

Like an orchestra conductor, Koolwijk keeps an eye on the entire logistics process.

We look for smart transport solutions that fit your needs. For example, by efficiently combining transport by road, water and rail. This enables us to reduce CO2 emissions, relieve the road network and increase the flexibility of transport. By orchestrating the right logistics mix for you, we lower your waiting time at our cross docks and shipping department. A responsible way to cut costs. In our own warehouses, we can meet all your handling needs, from unloading containers with an unloading robot, to order picking, (re)packaging, labelling and more. Every week you will receive an up-to-date stock summary from us.

Support with customs

Import of goods into the European Union is subject to import duties and taxes. Only after clearance can you freely trade the imported products within EU countries. Koolwijk is happy to take care of these mandatory customs procedures you, so that you can focus on your core business.

Would you rather wait to clear customs? If so, you can store your goods safely in our bonded warehouse. You pay import duties only when you clear customs, giving you more control over your liquidity. Do you have any other customs-related questions? Feel free to contact us. Our customs specialists are happy to advise you.

Intermodal transport is the future.
Rail, water and road transport are the perfect combination.

Since 1922

Koolwijk began as a local carrier. Piet Koolwijk Sr. transported milk churns from farmers to the local dairy by horse and cart. His regular routes within the Lopikerwaard region of the Netherlands stretched to the nearby towns of Schoonhoven and IJsselstein.

For the first ten years, Piet travelled by horse and cart before upgrading to a Chevrolet truck. We don't know too much about that period, but he always had support from the farmers across the region. In those days you rode with the rhythm of nature: when the cows were milked (twice a day), which, of course, only took place when there were calves. So that meant quiet times during the winter. To fill the gap, Piet began transporting other agricultural products to market, such as sugar beets and grain.


Anniversary edition magazine

We are proud of the road we've travelled together. That's why we've produced this special anniversary issue to mark our 100th anniversary in 2022: From Milk Churns to Shipping Containers.


Anniversary video

Rather watch instead of read? Check out the video we made to celebrate our 100-year anniversary.

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