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Douanezaken inklaren Koolwijk

Koolwijk gets rid of the fiscal burden by representing you.

Based on our vast experience in the field of customs, Koolwijk is able to unburden for all customs affairs. We can fiscally represent our customers and directly clear your goods upon their arrival at the port. We furthermore have options available to store your goods in our bonded warehouse and thus delay your payment of duties and levies.

AEO cert. KoolwijkFrom that point on, we can clear your goods on any later moment or – using a customs shipment – deliver them to their final location. Our Import & Export department completes your sea freight booking. And our staff members visit Rotterdam every day, in order to complete all paperwork for our customers at the customs authorities or sea freighters. Koolwijk is fully AEO-certified.



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Act as promised.
That’s how we’ve worked at Koolwijk for three generations.

And it’s the only way for a local company transporting milk cans to become a sizeable international logistics provider. With a fleet of 75 container trucks and warehouses offering 130,000 square meters of storage and handling space.


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