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Koolwijk multimodaal transport

Multimodaal transport Koolwijk

A transport method exactly tunes to your needs and requirements.

Koolwijk offers intermodal transport. This means that we ship your freight in a container with road transport, water transport, rail transport or a combination thereof. And of course Koolwijk delivers your shipment on-time and cost-efficient.

Koolwijk exclusively works with chauffeurs who have a passion for their job and understand what is important to our customers. Our vehicle fleet meets the latest environmental emission requirements. Koolwijk is also able to ship refrigerated containers with a connected gen-set and tipping containers. And with our special container-pallet chassis, we also send break bulk shipments for which pallet exchange is desired. Koolwijk specializes in container shipments form and to the Ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam.  


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Act as promised.
That’s how we’ve worked at Koolwijk for three generations.

And it’s the only way for a local company transporting milk cans to become a sizeable international logistics provider. With a fleet of 75 container trucks and warehouses offering 130,000 square meters of storage and handling space.


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