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Koolwijk kwaliteit

Koolwijk combines an unparalleled track record with a professional attitude. Koolwijk Polsbroek is NEN-EN-ISO 9001 (2015) certified and AEO certified for customs tasks. Over the past 25 years we have reduced 67% in our carbon emissions.


To meet the increasingly stringent safety rules for international traffic, Koolwijk Expedition became an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). This certificate was awarded to us by Dutch Customs officials. One of the prerequisites for this status, is meeting important safety criteria; including an ISO 9001 certification. And, as an AEO we are prioritized during customs clearance, thus reducing waiting times at international borders. That’s a big benefit in international shipping.


AEO cert. Koolwijk



For Koolwijk, the environment is inextricably connected to quality. That’s why we focus on providing for sustainable logistics services. We do so from several angles, including optimizing our capacity utilization, modern equipment, educating our chauffeurs, alternative transport modalities and processing the waste produced in our warehouses efficiently. Based on smart adjustments in every aspect of our processes, we were able to reduce our carbon footprint with no less than 67%. That’s your car driving around the world, 850 times, every single year!


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Being clear about the framework in which we carry out our services is vital to Koolwijk, that’s why we clarify this here. All our work is carried out and based on the Dutch Expedition Conditions (Fenex Terms & Conditions) which have been filed at the court of Rotterdam on July 1st 2004. To the degree in which we carry out transports ourselves, the following conditions apply based on their nature. The Sea freight transport conditions (Zeecontainervervoerscondities), AVC conditions (domestic transport) and CMR conditions (international transport). The retention right, stated in Article 19 of the Fenex conditions, is regarded to be added to these conditions, while ‘expeditor’ must be read as ‘transporter’. Handling and storage and delivery of goods is based on the ‘Veemconditions Amsterdam-Rotterdam’ as determined by the ‘Ondernemersvereniging’ (Association of Companies) in the Amsterdam region and files at the courts of Rotterdam and Amsterdam on October 3rd 2006. Applicability of the Terms of Service of the customer is explicitly rejected. Also applicable are the General Payment Conditions of Transport & Logistics Netherlands (‘Algemene betalingsvoorwaarden Transport en Logistiek Nederland’) which has been filed at the court of The Hague on July 2nd 2002. All Terms of Service are sent free of charge.