Transport & Logistics

Shipping container transport

Koolwijk is a specialist in shipping containers. Our planners are in contact with drivers and customers. Your cargo can be accurately monitored with track & trace.

We offer fast, efficient transport to and from all container terminals in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

Our vehicle fleet meets the latest environmental emission requirements. With our own combinations of transport methods, we haul all sizes of shipping containers and have several tilting chassis for unloading loose cargo from containers.

In addition, Koolwijk transports reefer containers that are continuously powered by a genset. These containers can be used to transport food and medical products under the ideal climatic conditions.

No matter what you are shipping, your cargo is in good hands with our skilled team of customs specialists, planners and drivers.

Our LHVs are equipped to meet the strict safety requirements that apply in Germany.

Multimodal transport

Koolwijk offers you intermodal transport. We transport your shipment containers by road, water, rail or a combination of methods.

Needless to say, we deliver your shipment on time and cost-effectively.

Koolwijk works exclusively with drivers who understand their trade. They know what matters to you as a customer. Our fleet meets the latest environmental requirements and enables us to transport all types and sizes of shipping containers, including climate-controlled reefer containers. And with our special container pallet chassis, we transport general cargo shipments where pallet exchange is required.

Koolwijk is your specialist in container transport, storage and transshipment. We get your cargo from A to B in the most efficient and sustainable way.


The flexible platform for documenting, archiving and reporting on your goods.


Koolwijk has 20,000 square metres of warehouse space available in Bergambacht. Here we provide storage and handling of your goods, from labelling to order picking.

We work hands-on with you to develop the most effective, efficient and affordable inventory management plan for your merchandise. We frequently use the inland transshipment terminal in Bergambacht, which makes the distance to water and land transport even shorter.

In the (customs) warehouses, Koolwijk works with pallet conveyors, robots and film wrapping lines. Our electric forklifts and pallet trucks enable us to move pallets quickly and efficiently.

We handle the unloading and loading of containers, trucks and air freight. Koolwijk also provides full-service inventory management for your stored goods. Even up to the moment they are distributed on order.

Because we are a one-stop shop, we ensure a fast turnaround.


If required, Koolwijk can act as your fiscal representative.

We have years of experience handling all customer-related matters on behalf of our customers. We can clear your goods immediately upon arrival at the port.

In addition, we offer you the option of storing your goods in our warehouses (as customs goods). Koolwijk can still clear the goods for you later, at the time you specify. Or we deliver them - under customs transit - to their destination.

Our Import & Export Department handles your ocean freight booking.

Koolwijk is AEO-certified.

Value Added Logistics

Logistics means more than just meeting our customers' transport needs. It's also about adding value

Koolwijk is a multifaceted logistics company. We offer numerous solutions to improve your logistics performance as well, both regionally and internationally.

If necessary, we can also take care of physical customs inspections, including gas measurements for your containers.

"Can't" is something you rarely hear us say. We move heaven and earth to get a job done.

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