In today's world, sustainable business is not an option but a must. Koolwijk is very aware of that. That's why we have already demonstrably reduced our CO2 emissions by 67% over the past few decades. We are now focusing even more on shipping by water and rail. And we are exploring the possibilities of hydrogen fuel cells.


Lean & Green

Koolwijk participates in a CO2 reduction program in logistics and transport.


CO2 reduction

Demonstrable savings of 67% on our CO2 emissions.


Ecostars road

Koolwijk's fleet consists entirely of Euro VI vehicles.

Boosting sustainability

Through inland transshipment

Koolwijk has been using the inland transshipment terminal in Bergambacht (OTB) since early 2022. Containers travel the last kilometre by truck: from the terminal to Koolwijk's warehouse in Bergambacht (for storage and transshipment). This enables us to save fuel, relieve the road network and improve accessibility.

De oplossing voor klimaatneutraal vervoeren van uw zeecontainer.

Sustainable logistics

Koolwijk is committed to protecting the environment. That's why we are continually expanding our use of sustainable logistics solutions.

These include optimising load factors, modern equipment, training our drivers and using alternative modes of transport. Our trucks run on Euro 6 engines and are equipped with automatic transmission that allows us to save fuel. Our in-house workshop ensures that our trucks' tyres are always properly inflated to further reduce fuel consumption. Finally, by smart route planning, we avoid as many unnecessary kilometres as possible.

Focus on sustainable operations

We are now fully self-sufficient at supplying our own power. We have installed over 1,000 solar panels, which provide enough power to meet our energy needs. We also carefully monitor electricity waste in our warehouse.

Thanks to smart upgrades and policies like these, we have slashed our CO2 emissions by 67%. That is equivalent to the emissions produced by driving a passenger car around the earth 850 times – every year!

Are you looking for a carrier who knows how to reduce your carbon footprint? We are Koolwijk, nice to meet you.

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